Traditional financial administration

The idea of traditional style accounting interaction is based on delivering all business materials in agreed timetables, physically or digitally. Traditional style is always present, because fully digital service does not exist really, there is always some old school procedures. Each system is really a hybrid system with different portions of digital and traditional in them.
If your business is small, does not have much daily cash flow, traditional based model would in most cases be cheaper and more suitable for you. As our customer, you get all the same things taken care of on your advantage, regardless of accounting style, digital or traditional. Traditional accounts are just updated not so tightly as in digital administration.
Image 15.3.2022 at 9.36
Image 15.3.2022 at 9.36

Your benefits

- Simplicity 

Compared to the digital package, traditional model in simpler to perform, but some automation tools are missing.

- Flexibility

Traditional model are also more flexible in its realisation, because you are able to mix and combine a bigger pool of different tools.

- Modularity 

Modularity are realised more easily in traditional model, because of the bigger pool of tools available.

- Diversity

You are able to connect lot of different suppliers financial tools and their compatibility is easy to ensure.