For Sole Traders

In most cases, sole traders get value starting from the first steps, beginning with the idea of registering an entity.
You get support with processes of starting your business and fit financial administration from the beginning. Often, in the beginning of business, cash flows are not stable. For that reason, you can get services that are priced based on revenue. If you won’t have any revenue, there will be no expenses for you at these times.
You get all services of continuous accounting, tax returns and annual reporting included. Self-employed are an interesting and valuable service area.
Don’t hesitate to contact us – you can do it by leaving contact request, reaching by phone or sending an email letter.
You will get a reply to all requests and your plans will be heard with respect and you get vision and plan to cooperation possibilities.
You will be able to start a partnership, and it would be good to collaborate from the beginning.
If your operations are already running and you just want to switch your expert, you will get change arranged within agreed timetables smoothly and in a flexible way.
Transfer period will be planned and agreed together. By following agreed roadmap, your accounts will be transferred to Corosar in reliable ways.
For self-employed, customized account map is used. It fits perfectly to tax return documents and can be changed easily to general accounts map if your business grows into more complex accounting techniques.