Ikkuna Ässät Oy

Ikkuna Ässät has found a partner, with whom the communication and cooperation works smoothly.
“We wanted a comprehensive service package, which would free us from thinking about our money administration. That we have received, and even more”
- Markku Sulonen, Ikkuna Ässät
Proactive service attitude ensures the continuous operations, but also plays a role in development of our accounting practice”
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Startecon Oy

Startecon has delegated it´s financial administration hat to Corosar to ensure it´s internationalisation plans and strengthen the team with a accounting expert.
It´s been nice that we get improvement ideas continuously from Corosar. These ideas from outside party are always welcome.
- Mikko Lähdeaho, Startecon
Startecon has been satisfied with the smooth interaction and weekly administrative meetings. Additionally Startecon has noted a reliable service, because there is no feelings that some important point has been missed.
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KP Vartiointi Oy

We count Corosar as part of our team, although we work from Kokkola and Corosar from Vantaa
- Lari Aurojärvi, KP Vartiointi
KP Vartiointi is enjoying a easy service relation, where communication is working and there is always a possibility to raise important topics in the agenda.
KP uses a comprehensive service package by “under the same roof”- principle
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KEO Wilderness Oy

Tour service provider KEO has found a partner, with whom the communication runs smoothly. Consulting services has been of great value for KEO, since guidance brings a feeling of certainty to business.
”We could warmly recommend Corosar as a reliable partner”
Tatiana Bushujeva, KEO Wilderness
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EK-Pro Rakennus Oy

Ekpro sources majority of administrative tasks to Corosar because they don´t have time their selves.
We like that communication with accountant works well, Corosar is always online, available and our cooperation is very YES- oriented, generally all our expectations are fulfilled, and our interest taken into consideration.
Egzon Racaj, EK-Pro Rakennus Oy
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H-Chuks were in situation, when it needed good quality English speaking accounting service provider, because of needs of consultation, clearance, and full support in business administration aspects.
One of the best things in cooperation with Corosar is the access to communicate at any given time. Corosar is always willing to address any concern or question that I may have. This is good for my business.
Harrison Oriahi, H-Chuks

Alexey Tikhomirov Tmi

Alex Tikhomirov is a self-employed commercial pilot, selling services to European cargo airline. Corosar handles EU VAT- filing, accounting and provides consulting for Alexey Tikhomirov Tmi
As a customer of Corosar, I´ve been always experiencing personally tailored approach combined with simplified and clear instruction and communication
Alexey Tikhomirov Tmi