Payroll Administration

You are able to outsource payroll administration risks and liabilities. We use modern tools in service production and ensure that only safest channels and tools are used to produce, deliver and store information.
You will also get taken care of your payroll procedures to be always in compliance and to date with the latest collective agreements.
You will get:
Payroll Calculation
Calculation itself has lot of variables and diverse procedures to be taken into consideration. Our mission is to ensure updated system for you, which is in compliance and fresh collective agreements taken into consideration. When these matters are taken care of properly, the system can operate smoothly in its service areas. You can choose to outsource whole payroll administration to us or partly, with partial agreement. Additionally, payroll may contain a lot of special services not suitable for you at the time. The starting point in setting payroll service is your needs, they has to be understood first.
Delivering Payslips
Payslips are the well-known payroll documents which are result of production. You can get your payslips digitally to employees net banks, or in traditional form. Again, in this service area, your needs will play a key role. We ensure payslips to be delivered in time to all parties required, smoothly and transparently.
Salary and Side-Costs Payment Services
You are able to integrate digital payroll tools to digital accounting and you can get your own Web Services channel between your bank and accounting system. Web Services can be used for salaries payment channel, but it can do more, so PO payment services are recommended in this case. When salary and side-costs payment channels are set, the result is smoothly operating complete service package, where your role is minimised as far as it is possible and required.
Travel Invoicing
Traveling compensation calculations can be performed within payroll services, but also as a separate service. If your business is travel invoice- intensive, we would help you with setting the optimal travel invoicing tools and procedures. The goal in travel invoicing is to make it the easiest for the receiver, because quality of travel invoicing is highly dependent on the receivers actions. There is no goal to “bully” the receiver and that feeling may happen, especially in case of not so frequent travel invoices.
Payroll Accounting
Payroll tools are integrated with the accounting module. If payroll is outsourced, the accounting is natural byproduct of payroll actions, but payroll accounting is available in separate form, in case you calculate salaries by yourself, for example.
Vacation Balance Monitoring and Calculation
Accruing vacation liabilities creates a real money obligation of the company, which to be monitored and presented in the balance sheets. You will get vacation monitoring as a part of whole payroll administration service. Knowing your obligations in time is essential for cash flow planning and cash reserves.
Payoff Calculation
In case of payoff, all vacation and free time balances has to be closed and timetables are very strict. We ensure, that your payoffs are done according to latest laws and timetables. Additionally, you can trust that no obligations will be left in your balances, that could cause troubles in potential future.
KELA- Applications
After “own risk” periods in case of sick leaves, employer are able to get sick leave obligations reduced. These matters are taken care for you automatically.
Continuous analysis of Work-Law and Synchronisation
Work-law knowledge is essential and a must in successful payroll service providing. This is something that happens behind the curtains always, because our value proposal is that payroll is always synchronised to updated laws.
Incomes Register- Reporting
Employers are obliged to report all the payroll expenses to income register. Information is reported within set timetables and penalties may occur in reporting done late. We ensure your reports always in time and keep the risk of possible penalty type payments, those can arise in course of our actions. For that reason, we see ourselves as responsible. Travel invoicing is also reported to incomes register.
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Image 15.3.2022 at 9.38