Digital accounting

In its simplicity, digital accounting means receiving and sending digital invoices and combine all the advantages of digital invoices in one place/service/framework and use it as mainframe financial administration tool. To benefit from the advantages of digital tools, you will need a digital invoice address, which works in very similar way as physical address.
Image 15.3.2022 at 9.29
Image 15.3.2022 at 9.29

You get from us all the digital tools you may need and even with the shared experience of digital framework.
Digital Invoicing
You get all needed for digital invoicing

- Own digital address

- Digital invoices receiving postbox

- Sending digital invoices directly to financial administration system of your customer.

PO Handling
As being able to send digital invoices, you also can receive them directly to the digital financial administration system. With shared experience of the system, you are able to get your purchasing orders to you own UI and handle/comment/pay them directly from there.
Payment Services
Payment services are naturally a next-product of purchase invoices handling, without that, not much can be paid. You can get payment services above the purchasing handling product and get you own Web Services- channel set directly to the bank. Web Services are most used information channel between accounting systems and banks in Finland.
Payroll Administration
You are able to choose digital payroll or traditional payroll. Digital payroll can be also connected to the payment services and get your salaries and hiring costs calculated and paid for you. You will get legislation updated services of payroll, which ensures smooth cooperation with the tax authority and employees.
Tax Documentation
All possible tax documentation to be produced and send digitally directly to tax authority.

Most usual systematic reports are:

- VAT- report

- Income tax return

- Income register reports (for employers)

We take care of your specific documentation and reporting in digital or in traditional form.

Accounting & Archive
Digital archive will take safe care of archiving obligation set by the law. Accounting realisation n digital forms are dependent on side-services attached to the framework, but in some cases, physical documentation are still present, for example Card Payments. You will get this all taken care for you as part of total package.

Your benefits?

- Real-Time Finances 

Digital framework acts as a portal for all accounting material and in case of information needed quickly, it’s easily available in real-time.

- Your finances are no more fixed to the place 

You won’t need any physical place, where your information is stored, because it’s already available from the cloud service. All actions can be performed via internet network.

- Modularity 

ou are able to choose service packages that you see fit and you won’t be obligated to take any excessive services, which you don’t need and don’t get value of.

- Cooperation with accounting firm smoothens 

When you use the shared experience version of digital tools, all parties are always synchronised.