Continuous Accounting

Continuous accounting is the base service, around which every other piece of service are designed. Service is based on production of financial documentation and proper entry of information to the accounting system. Financial documentation creates the accounting reports, based on which the business can be further planned and taxes paid in time and in right amount.
Continuous accounting is creating a strong fundamental to the supporting services to be customised and implemented. When supporting services are implemented and used properly, continuous accounting starts to be the byproduct instead of the base.
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Image 15.3.2022 at 9.25
As a customer of continuous accounting, you are getting:
You will get a professional service, that is in compliance, enhanced by modern tools, dynamic in its improvements and you don’t have to worry at all for your accounts to be managed properly.
Service is designed in the way, that your only action is to deliver business documentation to the office and everything else is taken care in your interest. Our customers save time and gets certainty in their business.

Value Added Tax Reporting
VAT- responsibility is a major priority in every company, because you want to build a reliable relationship with tax authority. You will get you VAT- and other self-assessed taxes reported in time and right quantity.
The reporting periods are following for annual revenue brackets:
            0 - 30 000€ - Annual
30 000 - 100 000€ - Quartal
      Over 100 000€ - Monthly
If you trade outside Finland, but within EU, VAT for these operations are in all cases reported monthly.
Annual Tax Return
Accounting is performed fundamentally to create information, based on which the liabilities can and should be met and after that, information for business planning.
Tax information is one of the core purposes of accounting.
Annual income tax return is made annually, with the annual report and for the same accounting period. We offer tax returns for different types of obliged parties as agricultural- & forestry corporations, associations, sole traders, stock companies etc...

Annual Report
If you are obliged to write and post an annual report, you will get it done for you along the tax return. You will get the results of all reporting products and that way through annual reports and reading them together, you can benefit a valuable advice, always case-by-case, never forgetting about the personal approach from our side.
Advisory and Support
Advisory communication is considered as a part of valuable daily interaction and cooperation. Lines are kept open for customers at all times and low threshold contacts are recommended. Advisory part of the interaction is priced into package pricing, so you won’t have to worry about any extra costs accruing during continuous interaction.
Tax Planning
Tax planning is a normal way of thinking when money have to be transferred to the entrepreneur. Methods only in compliance are practiced in this part of the services. Tax planning is designed directly to the entrepreneur and different tools are used in different proportions in every unique case.
You get your documentation to be archived during the whole archive period, set by law.

For different type of documents, different timetables apply:

   - Receipts, vouchers etc… - 6 years

   - Annual reports - 10 years

   - Accounting diaries - 10 years

   - Payroll documentation - 10 years

Archive is provided digitally

You are able to get continuous accounting in fixed terms, don’t hesitate to contact us and you will get a service- and tax plan mapping for free during the familiarisation period and you will be able to get valuable advice already during that.