Advisory Services

Our main goal in partnership is to establish a deep connection and realise it by continuous contact and interaction, through advisory services and business support and by trying to improve proactively responding to new information and situation. Advisory services are essential to provide a good quality overall service package and ensure suitability and customisation. For that reason, advisory is not priced in any own way, but it is included in the prices for the core value services. That way, the partnership will generate lot of connection and content through which you will be able to get value of.
You will get your business properly and systematically analysed for improvements as far as it is possible with use of financial reports. We aim to establish a low threshold contact culture in partnership, so you can get more value every day. You can get valuable advice in case of widening your spectres of products by getting continuous support in financial topics. Employer corporations get continuous support in payroll legislation synchronisation, without needing to follow the legislation by own.